Uyghur Girl in Xinjiang

Carnival in Rio de Janiero — Ole, Ole, Ole!

Rio de Janiero, Brazil – If there’s one thing Brazilians know how to do, it’s “celebrating” —  a day, an occasion, and really, just life in general. And no other time is this more apparent than every year with Carnival, where the whole country comes out to celebrate (or uses the opportunity to travel elsewhere!).

Late Nights at an Izakaya

Tokyo, Japan – Izakayas, the Japanese equivalent of Western pub houses, are a staple in Tokyo, providing late-night snacks and relatively cheap drinks in one of the most expensive cities in the world. As someone with very limited Japanese skills, it also offered a sure way of getting a tasty snack and a cold beer […]

Sea to Table

Tokyo, Japan – Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market is known as the world’s busiest wholesale fish and seafood market, but what’s not as often talked about (though a little hidden secret) are the small sushi / sashimi restaurants that dot this market’s periphery. On the weekends, expect lines upwards of an hour but the mouth-melting uni […]

paris-mini, je t’aime

Las Vegas, NV - on a cool spring night in the city that never sleeps. aside from the glitz and free-flowing cash, lights is an element that really defines vegas. i think a former co-worker once described it as “disneyland for adults” — pretty accurate description hah. while the activities one may engage in changes over […]


Sichuan, China - Although often dwarfed by nearby Jiuzaigou, Monigou has more than its fair share of breathtaking sites as well. We were lucky enough to go on a day and at a time where there seemed like there wasn’t another soul in the park, and our footsteps were accompanied only by the faint whispers left […]

Jiu Zai Gou – Nine Gorges Valley

Sichuan, China - There are certain images that are forever imprinted in our memories because of their exquisite beauty. Jiu zai gou in the winter is one of those images. Even with a very basic point and shoot nearly half a decade ago, the vibrancy of the colors shine through without the slightest processing or edits. […]


Yangshuo, China - there is a certain tranquility that you don’t realize is there until you’re in that spot – yangshuo, and in particular, yulonghe, provides that tranquility. in travels, i never tire of the sense of wonderment in that point of realization that the life you lead is so uniquely your own.  my rafter for […]

academy of sciences

San Francisco, CA - nature never fails to astound me with the vibrancy of its colors and visiting the california academy of sciences is always a treat. having a dslr really helps capture some of those nuances in an image (i almost was going to type film, but really, that’s not the case anymore!).